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Dominic Hill

Jewelry professional and software architect, entrepreneur, patient advocate & film maker, Dominic Hill is a proven propagator of change. Serving an apprenticeship in jewelry manufacturing in Italy’s hubs of Vicenza and Arezzo was Dominic’s entry-point to our industry. Dominic would go on to work for one of London’s largest jewelry companies, visiting manufacturing facilities from Bolivia to Turkey, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and China. Dominic took a hiatus from work to focus on a close family member diagnosed with a primary brain tumor in 2009. This would prove a transformational experience for Dominic: unable to save a life dear to him, but motivated to embark on a multi-year journey into oncology culminating with the launch of at Lincoln Center in NYC / BFI in London in partnership with major national cancer charities. The film tells the story of three inspirational terminal cancer patients who took treatment into their own hands and survived. Translated into seven different languages including hebrew and chinese, the film offers a beacon of hope to those diagnosed with “untreatable” conditions. After this experience, and with the technology revolution unfolding around him, Dominic came back home to the jewelry industry with a fresh pair of eyes and a determination to never accept the status quo “because that’s just how it is now”. From this seed, Loupe was born, and today the company is empowering specialist jewelers around the world to think different and work smarter. Loupe was recently cited in Signet Group’s most recent earnings call by CEO Gina Drosos as “a sourcing system to analyze and act upon product component cost, providing us an unprecedented ability to manage our costs" Dominic lives between London and Salt Lake City, with his wife Aleksandra and son Hector.

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The POS Crisis

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